Assisted Living On-Demand / Anytime Learning (20-hrs Approved)

  • Ask anyone on the management team and they will tell you the most challenging experience of their career was their first promotion to leadership. It can be overwhelming to deal with the change and uncertainty that come with the promotion from peer to leader. It is an adjustment for everyone, and it can create tension, resentment, and resistance. This webinar can help you manage the difficult transition more effectively and create the kinds of relationships with your employees that guarantee your success as a leader and that of your team. The session will also focus on achieving a better understanding of your new role, how to handle challenges such as absenteeism, employees with performance or attitude issues, how to juggle multiple tasks, and building a rewarding relationship with employees, co-workers, and your supervisor.

  • Communication is the process by which people create and share information and ideas with one another in order to reach mutual understanding and get things done. Effective communication is the foundation of positive and cooperative working relationships. Managers and supervisors have positions as leaders in their workplace and need to be able to communicate effectively with employees, colleagues, and upper management.

  • Managers have some tasks that they need to do, but their primary job is to make sure that others are doing what they have been assigned to accomplish the mission and goals of the organization. Effective managers know what responsibilities to delegate to allow themselves time to plan, to collaborate with others in the organization, and to monitor the performance of their employees, making sure to give them adequate feedback and development opportunities. Delegation and Empowerment are both very useful management tools and techniques.

  • Women are finally well represented in supervisory and management positions in most organizations across the country. Yet, despite the tremendous advances over the years, many continue to find themselves facing tough challenges as leaders and managers. From getting mixed messages and mixed reactions, all too often, they get mixed results when leading others. That’s why this leadership training opportunity for women has been designed to build on a woman’s inherent talent and strengths. The skills you learn in this four-part webinar series will help you become more effective, more confident and more successful as a leader. You’ll learn with other professional women in healthcare and leave motivated and armed with must-have leadership tools that make an immediate impact while becoming a highly effective, inspiring leader that others will follow.

  • A promotion is a great thing—new title, new responsibilities, unlimited power (well, maybe not that last one). But when a career boost moves you to a position in which you’re managing your former peers, things can get tricky. The transition to a leadership role can be overwhelming. And if you are being promoted to a leadership position for the first time, you deal with the challenges of change and insecurity. Learn how to understand and define your new role as an effective leader.